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Welcome to our journey through Mistletown Winter Fayre. Take a glimpse of Avakin Life’s new winter venue with some of the ѱDF. We loved the rides and even found a secret room.

IG @silver_tail_13

Looking for something fun and new to watch on YouTube that’s Avakin Inspired? Come check out our very own SilverSpiritѱDF’s recent video post, on her YouTube Channel @SilverTail13!

“What inspired this latest video is my DF family. I’ve been stuck with a block on video ideas for a while, do to some irl situations that have been going on irl. I was over due for a new video update. This is why in the video I included in the title that it was a DF special.”

(For more Description info about what was used to make the video please check out the Description of the Video itself. Thank You.)

Take a Moment

Our models display their creativity and passion for editing. Whether beginners, intermediate, or professional editors, we love what we do and help each other grow! Our models will also provide amazing updates, latest Ikons, games, horoscopes, and SOO MUCH MORE!

Discover and grow with us as we take on this awesome new journey that will challenge us in our editing skills, expand our imagination and bring out our creativity!

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This weeks theme

“Tis The Season”

Cyber Monday

Let’s all go shopping online and support our small buisnesses. Cyber Monday is the equivalent to Black Friday and it is obsereved by Australia, New Zealand, Croatia, Canada, United Kingdom and the United States.


Carols used to be written and sung during all four seasons, but only the tradition of singing them at Christmas has really survived.

Making A Snow Angel

The first Snow of Winter has fallen and the DF invite you to come play in the fresh fallen snow and make snow angels with us. You’re never too old to make a snow angel.

Holiday Movies

Tis that time of year for crackling fire, eggnog, family and friends to gather around and enjoy a holiday movie together. What’s your favorite?

BONUS EDIT: Elf On The Shelf

Elf On The Shelf, is a Christmas tradition where a special Scout is sent to your home from the North Pole to encorage kids to behave themselves.

The idea is that Santa’s Little Helper watches the children by day, and each night it returns to the North Pole to report on whether they were naughty or nice.

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Here Comes The Columns !


Who doesn’t like to check up on their horoscopes every now and then? Most of us check on it everyday, how well we relate so closely to them, it’s awesome! Here’s Taxidermy ѱDF’s version of yours!

Eye Candy

Simply, the best dressed avatar in the room! The one you can’t stop staring at. The one that gets “inspected” the most. You know that guy or girl that gets the Private Messages filled with “Wow, you are hot!” … That’s Eye Candy!


Bolt up cause Lightning ѱDF will take you on a ride to featured music artists on their road to stardom at Venue! It’s not all the time Avakin Life has an artist, but don’t fret, she’s going to brighten the darkest of skies and bring a flash of radio stations to make up for the mean time.


Reya MoonѱDF is talking Petkins! With expensive or inexpensive petkin pals, she’ll be giving these lovely unconditional pets the spotlight! Keep an eye out for the newest petkins when released!


Let’s join Silverbella ѱDF as she styles us TO DEATH, outfits we are dying for! Was that a good pun? Lol. Got a budget? She’s got you! Whether she’s taking us to the graveyard, or to the runway, she’ll be making us look fabulous!


CMAMI2HT ѱDF is going to take your imagination to a whole new world! Get lost in the stories she will share, BUT, we can’t guarantee that you’ll come back the same person! This is a warning!


Don’t worry, Murder ѱDF isn’t going to quote ONLY about death, we saved you from that. You’re welcome. Join her as she shares with you some quotes you MAY or MAY NOT have heard yet. Inspirational, Love, Confidence, and soo much more!


Put your rain boots on and get ready to play in the puddles with your Animation Poses, Sets, and Interactions! And Raining DeathѱDF is going to make sure you get the latest Animation update there is to know!


Lightning ѱDF is going to SHOCK you with all these new updates, from clothes to events, from apartments to makeup, she got you covered! Find the latest updates with the speed of Light!


Ready for that red carpet look? Raining DeathѱDF is going to make you feel picture perfect with the latest IKON updates! Be warned, you’ll be looking FABULOUS once you get ahold of this release!


Hear that? Does that sound like a .. HOWL?! You’re right! That’s the alpha wolf you’re hearing! WolfensteinѱDF is howling out the new BRANDS. Join the pack and stay up to date with the latest BRAND releases!


Twinkle Twinkle Little Star… hit the gym and lift that bar! We know life has it’s up and downs, and we’re going to help you call them squats! Get your body under construction because we want you to feel better, look great, and know that you’re healthy! You never know, you just might end up finding your SWOLEmate!


Forget those baskets! These aren’t the Easter Bunnies, these are The Most Beautiful Avatars on Avakin Life and Baby Love ѱDF is going to hop you to heaven with these featured Bunnies! We aren’t just about outer appearance, we see the inner beauty as well! Have someone you think is beautiful inside and out? Tell us about them, we may just feature them in our magazine!


Calling all interior designers! Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or professional, we know you’re going to rise to the top, ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP! From bedrooms to bathroom, mix and match, and just out of control furnitures ~ we understand that every item counts to you and Ghostly DeathѱDF has got the new updates covered for you!


Now, now, we aren’t going to just talk about outfits, we gotta talk about accessories too & we are going to help you UPGRADE those beautiful outfit of yours! These accessories give you more importance to your personal style, taste, and preferences. Don’t forget to tip your stylist!


Not everything is rainbows and sunshine when it comes to either hanging out with friends, minding your own business, or even just sleeping in a server. There’s always something you bump into, or let us rephrase that, something that bumps into you! You’re not alone! Ghostly DeathѱDF is here to share with you “What Really Grinds My Gears!” We’d love to hear what grinds your gears! We might just feature you our magazine


Mmm, smell that? That’s the smell of a brand new home! Whether you like to relax on the beach or enjoy the busy city life, we are going to get you stuck in between “I need to save money” and “You only live once” when we bring you the updates for the New Apartments! And if there are no new ones we still got you.


Feeling down? Having a bad day? No matter what the cause is, it can ruin your entire day or even week. It can leave you frustrated. The worst thing is that it doesn’t only affect you, it affects everyone around you. Our Travelling Fairy will give you magical reminder that you’re in control of your happiness & all that’s needed is to change of scenery and your outlook could improve.


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Game Park Rules:

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No DF Member or Associated press may participate in Game Park unless Specified otherwise.

This is the example of what you will find on Instagram @deathfamilymodeling to place your answers.

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Gif Games Winners

Raffle Winners


GUESS WHO, again… it’s the alpha wolf, WolfensteinѱDF! And this time, he’s ready to hunt! Let’s figure out WHO these people are before we get eaten alive! Join in on the fun, get the answer right, and you win a prize! YES! You heard that right! 2K in gifts just for you! One catch, you gotta be the first to get it correct!

Elf on a Shelf

Elf Bootcamp


Rules subject to change without notice.

Dear Columnists, Participants, & Sponsors: We would like to extend our heart-felt THANK YOU for your time, dedication, and participation in our, Death Family Modeling Magazine.

We are so excited to share and celebrate this new experience with you! We feel extremely honored to have you all on board! Believe us when we say that we felt all the love put into your edits! Our readers will surely enjoy and be inspired! You will definitely be wowed by the creativity!

To our Sponsors: We are very pleased that you could support DFMM with the help of your generous donation! We know that a lot of our readers will enjoy our amazing columns and our awesome games as well! We couldn’t do this without you all!

We can’t thank everyone enough.
Cheers to us! DFMM Family!

With Love,
Death Family and Coven ѱDF

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The bi-weekly drawing is for 1,000 avacoins in gifts for one random person who subscribed. Rules set by DF. Rules are subject to change without notice.

Pervious issues below.


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