We are the Death Family and Coven.

Founded on February 7th 2017 by our beautiful leaders:

Raining DeathѱDF, Jaded Death ѱDF, and Ghostly DeathѱDF.

As of 12/20/2020
Co-Leaders Raining DeathѱDF, Jaded Death ѱDF, XxKittyDeexX ѱDF

Our family is made up of the ages of 21 and up.

As of 9/2021, we currently are a family of 24 members.

See our full history at the bottom of this page.

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Meet the Members ѱDF

Full History of the ѱDF

by BabyLoveѱDF

The story of the ѱDF truly begins many months before the “Family” was born, in those quiet lazy, fun filled days leading up to it’s inception. Before the family was born we were known as Ghostie’s Girls as was often quipped and tagged on Ghost’s Instagram. You see many months before any of us met Ghost he was already known as “Death” by his friends and family in real life. One day he happened into Avakin Life and proceeded to become the notorious Ghostly Death that we all came to know and love. But he wasn’t always called Ghostly Death. Originally his name was Ghost138 and I stumbled upon him and a group of gothic looking people in a Halloween Graveyard in October 2016. He sat propped up against a tombstone pouring Whiskey into tiny cups of hot tea, upsetting the host who was passing out tea to everyone in that ever so common role play text we see online. I liked him immediately. By the next day we established that I would always be his bestie and from then on the story only snowballs. I was always by his side annoying all of his one night stands. He was truly a player and some days I couldn’t keep count of the ladies nor remember their names. And then, along came Jade. Of course I didn’t know at the time that she would be anything more than a one night stand so of course when I busted in on her fashion show that she was doing for Ghost and proceeded to talk his ear off, unbeknownst to me, I was beginning a routine (if not a tradition) that would escalate into ever more “interesting and titillating” scenarios (ahem) that I would find myself part of, let’s just say these love-birds never locked the door when doing risqué things and more times than I can count, I joined an extremely hot xxx scene fully underway (oh the good ol’ days before censors were added to private homes), and I had to pick my jaw up off the floor and sneak out before being noticed.. (Or sit with popcorn and watch as did happen when I finally became numb to the text, and not so afraid of being in the wrong place at the right time) haha, anyways I soon learned not to bust in on my bestie when he was naked on his profile. After all they did deserve their private time, though to be honest I was many times told “please stay” when happening in unannounced during a hot session. I was always welcome. It could be a steamy romance novel, but I digress. I knew Jade was different than those one night stands and I threatened him. I said if you hurt Jade, I won’t be your bestie any more. He promised never to hurt her. He kept that promise. Fast forward to Jade, for the ѱDF wouldn’t be the ѱDF if not for her. Jade wanted Ghost but she also wanted a woman to love, and she had her eyes set on Rain as a permanent addition to their ménage a Trois. Needless to say, Jade got her way and I was able to somehow still get lots of time with Bestie and Jade and Rain and we were inseparable. I think they realized, I was part of the deal, and I don’t think they minded. I felt loved by all of them. The four of us became Ghost & Ghostie’s girls. Where he went, I went and he wouldn’t have it any other way. He had his loves (Rain and Jade) and me. We all loved each other deeply (still do). Eventually the love moved from being an open type of relationship (he had affairs and the ladies had affairs it was all discussed and agreed upon) to a mostly-closed relationship and then into a marriage. I’d say a mostly closed marriage. Mostly. My lips are zipped!

Memories! Lol

We all hung out together on Jade’s boat and people constantly joined us to hang out. On one lazy afternoon when it was just the four of us, I brought up the fact that perhaps they should create a family. It was obvious that so many people were always joining us, to hang out because we were always together on Jade’s boat (our main hangout) and since by then they had gotten married (I was in that ceremony binding their wrists and crying my eyes out) they changed their last name to “Death” it would only make sense that they should be known as the Death family. That is what I proposed. Little did I know at the time how big the family would become and how many people I would have to share them with. I often left rooms so others could join and sat alone on the floor of the Venue. But I never once regretted it.

I was guilty of putting the seed into Jade’s mind. I dunno if Ghost or Rain had the gears turning in their heads the way I know Jade’s were but she lit up and began to imagine our family growing. We bounced ideas back and forth and I promoted the idea by creating the “ѱDF” symbol to go after our names. I gave it to them and then sat back and prayed, in hopes that we would become a family. Praying that Jade would truly lead it (even though most people thought it was ghost who was leading the family as the man it was truly always Jade who was the queen) and lead it she did, into what it is today. A famous Avakin Life family, notorious for contests, for amazing members, and a magazine!

I felt it was meant to be. Her time to Shine!

There was talk amongst the Deaths that I should take the last name Death (and marry them) but I gave off the “oh no not me” vibe and told them I’d much prefer to keep it as it was, me, Ghostie’s bestie and jokingly said I’d be the family cat and promised to bring home strays. I wasn’t interested in being a leader. I didn’t want that fame. I was too busy deleting everyone constantly and no I didn’t think I could ever be one to want to deal with the issues leaders deal with… I just loved them and wanted to stay in the shadows. I still hide under their trench coats though, I never wanted anyone to ever see me and think I was a leader in any way. It was Jade, Rain and Ghost in my eyes. To be fair I found Rain hiding under trench coats like me. She left the leadership to Jade, as did Ghost most of the time.

This is how the “ѱDF” came to be. Was I the mastermind behind the gears turning? Maybe. But if you know Jade you know she has always thought of us all as family so it was only a matter of time that those gears in her mind would come to the inevitable conclusion that we were really truly her family, all of us, not just the original Ghosty Girls, but every single one of the people in her life. All of us, were, and always will be her family… whether we have the last name Death or not.

And the story goes….

There are layers to our family.

The Original 4 – “Ghostie and his Girls” which included:
The Deaths: Jade, Rain and Ghost (RIP) &
The Coven. – all the members not named Death that came after the creation of the family. I plopped myself into this group as the original coven.
The High Council: which includes The Deaths and those they appointed. Originally just me and the Deaths, but eventually Kitty and Wolfie and newly added Rex after Ghosts death.
The Trial: Those on a 2 week trial to join the family.

This is a short history of The Death Family and Coven. May it continue to grow!